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Zde vám budu psát odpovědi,kteér mi přišly :

1.odpověď :

Tak první odpověď je z Wasatch Academy,patří k těm menším školám.A poslala mi zřejmě jen to co posílá každému s podobným dotazem.Ve zkratce pro ty,co by se tím nepřelouskali : příjmají přihlášky,stručný popis školy...nic konkrétního.
Mail zde :

Dear Pavla,

Thank you for your interest in Wasatch Academy. The Office of Admission is currently accepting applications for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Wasatch Academy provides a nurturing community that empowers young men and women to develop academically, socially, and morally, preparing them for college and for the challenges of living in the 21st century.

Wasatch Academy is a small, safe college preparatory boarding school which has educated citizens of the world since 1875. The 2009-2010 student body represents an amazing variety of cultures, spanning 31 countries and 23 states.

Our students participate in true academic excellence. Our classes are small, with a ten to one student-teacher ratio. The Wasatch Academy faculty live in campus housing, nestling the campus on all sides and forming a demonstrable family environment for our students; they also make themselves available to help students well beyond the scope of the school day. After classes each afternoon, students take advantage of extraordinary extracurricular opportunities, such as: sports, riding horses, skiing, snowboarding, dancing, aikido, music, art, theatre, and so much more. Every evening students study in their dorm rooms or attend structured study hall in the classrooms with additional and personalized help from their teachers. We balance the rigors of academic excellence with ample recreational trips and activities on the weekends, so students can relax and enjoy time with their friends, forming bonds that will last a lifetime.

I would very much like the opportunity to consider your student's enrollment here at Wasatch Academy. I welcome you to visit our web site at www.wasatchacademy.org under admissions/ WA application and submit the admission materials for consideration. Additionally, if you send me your address, our admission office will send materials for your review. If possible, please come visit our campus, sit in our classes, and meet our students so you can experience first-hand the inimitable Wasatch experience.

Please contact me with further questions regarding the amazing opportunities available at Wasatch Academy.

To be considered for financial aid your family will need to send in a bank-statement and a formal letter stating what they can contribute to your education while here at Wasatch Academy. I look forward to hearing from you.

2. odpověď :
A máme tu první zápornou :(..a zrovna jeden favorit.Co se dá dělat.

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, at this time we are no longer accepting applications for the Fall of 2010. Unfortunately, as well, we are not a position to provide large financial support for international applicants.

You sound like a strong candidate, and I am sorry we cannot help you.

Best of luck,

3.odpověď :
A další můj favorit v taho :(...nemohou poskytovat výraznou finanční pomoc pro mezinárodní studeny...podobně jako u předchozí odpovědi.

Dear Pavla,
Thank you for your interest in Saint Andrew's School. Unfortunately we are unable to offer significant financial assistance to international students at this time. We wish you all the very best in your search for the right school.

4.odpovědi :
No tomu se říká dlouhej mail :D...fakt se stím nesrali.A je tu něco,s čím jsem nepočítala - chtělí výsledky TOEFL ,mysella jsem si ,že to chtějí jen na výškách.Pochybuju ,že bych dala nějaký slušný výsledek..je to na pytel :(

Thank you for your interest in Baylor school. Please visit our website to apply to our school. We must first have you apply before we can talk any financial aid opportunities. Thank you

Baylor School Mission Statement:

"The mission of Baylor School is to foster in its students both the ability and the desire to make a positive difference in the world"

5.odpověď :
No konečně odpověď dle mého gusta :D... alespoň ve mě vzbudil dojem že by o mě stáli :D.

Thank you for your interest in Verde Valley School-and I am very impressed-so far! YES, we still have room for a 9th grade student, but please, start the application online at www.vvsaz.org ASAP!!! Also, should your family wish to apply for financial aid, which the first round of acceptances and Fin. Aid have gone out---so hurry, they can apply online also. They need to fill out the 'international SSS' on our website and ALSO send to me proof income, or a bank statement showing deposits, or some sort of verification of income.

I look forward to receiving your application for admission Pavla, and if you have any further questions, please contact me.

Warm regards,

6.odpověď :

Mám tu další odpověď...sice něco co nemám ráda -tedy pouze kopírak kterej pošlou každému nicméně je onpověď kládná.

Dear prospective student and family:

Thank you for your interest in Southwestern Academy!

Important note: The Priority Application Filing Deadline for international students seeking to enroll with us in Fall 2010 has passed. Any applications received after March 1, 2010 will only be reviewed IF vacancies exists.
Summer only applications will still be accepted until June 15, 2010.

As you take a look at our boarding/day "college prep" school and its two campuses, you will quickly see Southwestern Academy is a place where you can find your fit both academically and socially. We take pride in the belief that our size, location, and individualized approach to education are the right ingredients to help students prepare for college and life after school. The only missing ingredient is you.

Southwestern offers two distinct environments for you to learn and grow; Beaver Creek Ranch campus in Northern Arizona and our San Marino campus located in Southern California next to the beautiful city of Pasadena, California. The classes are small, from eight to 12 students each, so you won't get lost in the crowd. Because the studies are coordinated between campuses, students can spend a week, a month or a semester at the other campus. With many different clubs, leadership opportunities, community service, interscholastic sports we believe you will find your place at Southwestern Academy. Take a look and see what exciting educational and cultural opportunities await you at Southwestern Academy.

For International students you will find our school is also a place where you can "belong". We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced English as a Second Language ESL and you will be exposed to American Culture in ways not possible at other boarding schools. Located near downtown Los Angeles, our San Marino campus is close to virtually all of southern California's cultural attractions, museums, art galleries, shopping and of course Hollywood. For international students who prefer intensive English language training in less crowded environment with a focus on the environment and outdoor adventure your will be delighted at our Beaver Creek Ranch Campus in Arizona.

· We give preference to students who are willing to start in our middle school program.

· Your chances for acceptance are increased if you are in grade 6 - 9 ( ages 12 - 15 years old).
• Our total enrollment capacity is 140 students at our San Marino Campus and 40 can be enrolled at our Arizona campus.

· We limit our total international student enrollment to no more than 10% of students from any single country.

· Students from countries that are over-represented (for example China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea) should be aware that we will not be able to offer admissions to a large number of these students.

• Southwestern Academy does "not" require admissions tests (SSAT or ISEE) or English language tests (TOEFL or SLEP).
• We desire to enroll students that have unique interests, special skills, talents and students who are curious about our global community.

· Upon acceptance we will issue an I-20 form once 50% of the tuition and fees are paid. The remaining balance of the tuition and fees are due immediately upon successfully passing the F1 visa interview with the U.S. Consulate.

Please visit our website at www.southwesternacademy.edu/ where you will find lots of helpful information about or application process, requirements, deadlines, student life cost to attend and we even have information for parents. (See our Download Center too)

For more details on admissions concerns for International Students please check out our Questions and Answers for International Students http://southwesternacademy.edu/QAInternationals.htm

If Southwestern Academy sounds like the right place for you, we encourage you to schedule a campus visit or submit an application. Please give us a call if you have additional questions; we will be happy to assist you.


The Admissions Staff

7.odpověď :
A prozměnu zase jedna záporná..co už.

Many thanks for your interest in our school. Your academic record is impressive and will suit you well when you continue on during your college career.

I regret to say our school does not offer grants and our financial aid would, at best, cover 10% of our annual tuition of $39,800. I wish you the best in your search and hope you find a suitable institution that will help you achieve all your academic and developmental goals.


8.odpovědi :
Dálší úžasný kopírák.Jsem zklamaná,že je zrovna od mé velmi oblíbené Bolles.Je od nich opravdu velice milé ,že mi poslali mail pro normálního amerického uchzeče..ani slůvko o international studen :(.Chtěliby by zas SSAT a to si kvůli nim určitě dělat nebudu ...

Dear Bolles Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in The Bolles School! We are delighted to know that you are considering Bolles for your child's educational needs. We encourage you to visit our web site at www.bolles.org to become more familiar with the Bolles community and the breadth of opportunities we offer.

In pursuing admission to Bolles, please refer to the Admission Checklist. You will find this list helpful in guiding you through our admission process. If you have any difficulties downloading and printing the forms, please let me know.

Applicants are also required to take an admission test. For your convenience, we will accept either the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE), or Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) if applying to Grade 9 thru 11. To register online, go to www.iseetest.org for the ISEE or www.SSAT.org for the SSAT. To register by phone, call (800) 446-0320 for the ISEE or (609) 683-4440 for the SSAT. If applying to Grade 12 or the Post Graduate Program, applicants are required to take the SAT. To register for the SAT, call The College Board at (212)713-8000 or via the Web at www.collegeboard.com.

In order to learn more about The Bolles School, I encourage you to visit and observe first-hand our unique educational environment. Each month we will host a "Fridays at Bolles" event for prospective students. Please check the admission section of our website for a complete list of dates for the event. The visit provides a tremendous opportunity for students and families to experience Bolles. Please call the Admission Office to reserve a place at one of our upcoming events.

Again, thank you for considering Bolles as the place to stretch the mind, challenge the body, and nurture the soul of your student. If I may answer additional questions, or provide additional assistance, please let me know. I can be reached at (904)256-5032 or at e-mail address framptonm@bolles.org.

-další dodám až dojdou :D

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


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ahoj ty si zrušila blog o vampire diaries? :(

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No, však jsme to probraly, držím palce :).

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